Saturday, November 17, 2012

Latest Symbian OS Mobile Phones available in India

 Nokia shares major portion of the Symbian OS market in India.Before the introduction of smart phones,Indian mobile handset market was completely ruled by Nokia sets.Still they hold major portion of it.By launching new Symbian OS mobile phones,Nokia is trying to overcome the challenges raised by Android phones and Samsung devices.

Below are some of the newly available Symbian mobile handsets

Nokia 500:Its rate is around Rs:8500.high resolution display is its main attraction.

Nokia 603:It costs around Rs:12700

Nokia 700:Its rate is around Rs:13500.Good handset design and call quality are its main attractions

Nokia 808:costs around Rs: 25000

Nokia C5: Rs:6000

Nokia C5 03:Rs:8250


Nokia C6 01:Rs:15000

   The handset market is rapidly changing.The prices may vary time to time.However above details may help to select your preferred Symbian handset.

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